Gruffalo Crumble

We just received a copy of the Gruffalo Cookbook, and we love it! We’re massive fans of the Gruffalo in our house. Gruffalo books, pyjamas, woodland walks and now Gruffalo Crumble is there nothing that the Gruffalo can’t do?!

My cooking leaves a lot to be desired but these recipes are super easy and most are pretty quick. There are recipes that you can quickly knock up for lunch.

My little rascal loves looking through the pages and choosing what he wants to make.

Each recipe has a picture of the finished dish which is great to get him interested in cooking and helping.

The ingredients are pretty much things you’d have in the cupboard and that you’d buy in your shopping anyway. This means that you can actually do some of the recipes when the book arrives instead of having to wait to get in special ingredients.

There’s a little sign in the book showing when the kiddies can help and the recipes are really interactive for little hands.

We started with the gingerbread mice and they were totally yummy! Big thumbs up from us👍












We can’t wait to try a bit of scrambled snake on mouse toast and of course the Gruffalo crumble 😋

Order your Gruffalo Cookbook for Christmas! It’ll be a great gift. Happy cooking!


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