Kiddo Smart Trike

Kiddo Red Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle – Now this trike is seriously cool! We’ve been out on it for a little adventure today and my little rascal looks like a cool little dude on this. He loves the little bell to ring a ding ding as we zoom along. People always make nice comments about it when we’re out and about. It does look fab, it’s got stylish chrome wheels and it’s made of metal rather than plastic which makes it really sturdy and feels much more durable. The trike is light weight, easy to manoeuver, low maintenance and puncture-free.

Kiddo the makers of this trike have really thought of everything. The trike can be adapted as your child grows. We used this from when my little rascal was about 14 months. There’s an adjustable handle, great for me to have on the lowest setting as I’m a shorty and then the normal size people can raise it up again. It’s really easy to push and steer the trike, and no problem going up and down curbs. When my boy was younger he used the foot rests, now he’s a bit older he pedals himself. When he really has the hang of it we can take the handle bars off and he’ll be able to pedal himself about and use it as a proper trike.

There’s a fabric bag attached to the handle for carrying drinks, snacks, phone, keys. There’s also a storage basket at the back of the trike, space for a football or a bit of shopping.

For little rascals comfort and safety there’s a padded cushion, a 3 point seat belt, adjustable and removable protection bar/ armrest. There is even a sunshade canopy.

This was a great buy for us. We’ve had lots of use out of it and a year and a half later it’s still going strong. This trike is really good quality and will still be in good condition to be used by the baby when he’s big enough. A great investment and loads of fun!

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