Dinoland Garden Play Centre

What a BEAUTIFUL morning this morning! The COLDNESS of the winter is starting to feel so LONG now. I know we are all looking forward to WARMER days and longer evenings. I can’t wait to be sat out in the GARDEN with a glass of VINO in hand watching the rascals going WILD. Although not so keen on the prospect of the endless application of  SUN CREAM and the endless cry of ‘PUT YOUR HAT ON’!!

I’ll still be on maternity leave for at least half of the SUMMER (about 5 days then!!) so hopefully I’ll get to kick back and RELAX a bit because the boys will of course be able to play nicely together while mummy catches up on some rest. PAH HA HA yeah right!

In preparation for a summer with a 3 year old and 1 year old I’m thinking about getting the garden ready. Hoping to grab some bargains now that will keep them both as entertained without driving me crazy and also hopefully limit the amount of getting in and out of the car I usually do with them both. Here’s the  Intex Dinoland Play Centre, the first item on the wish list:

What a bargain, the Intex Dinoland Play Centre is reduced from £59.99 to £36.94 (with delivery if you’re on Prime).

I’m on the look out for more bargains to keep the boys and their little pals entertained in the garden this summer. Watch this space…….



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