A Pirates life for me!

Have you got a littlie that is Pirate mad? Then ‘Ahoy there Shipmate’. You can usually find us rocking an eye patch and a ‘yaaa haaaa’ around our way these days. Pop aboard the ‘Rascals Ruin’ and you’re bound to stumble across a rolled up piece of paper being used as a treasure map alongside a few empty toilet rolls that have been discarded once their telescope use has been exhausted. So how excited were we when we received our very first Toucan box and it was Pirate themed!

On a good day I can be quite creative, in a very un-Pinterest kind of way. Since the baby has arrived I don’t have the time, inclination or brain power to come up with inspired activities to do with the Chief Rascal. If I ever was?!  When I saw an offer with Toucan, a creative crafting subscription box, I was interested to see what the box had by way of keeping the Rascal entertained. The boxes are targeted towards 3 – 8 Year olds, they aim to be fun, hands on crafts that develop skills inspired by Montessori learning (self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play).

Our first Toucan box arrived addressed to the Chief Rascal and the instructions inside were personalised with his name, I liked this touch. I was impressed with the contents too, the box contains two main crafting activities, one is making a treasure map and the other a parrot. All the materials needed to do this are included in the box. Toucan have thought of everything, paper, paint brush, treasure map related stickers and even a tea bag for aging the paper for an authentic treasure map look!! How cool is that, totally took me back to art activities as a kid.

The box also contains an activity book with additional activities to keep the Rascals busy. I love that Toucan has considered the wastage of the cardboard from the delivery box too. In this case it was how to make a pirate’s cutlass using the box.

We have received our second box and I am equally impressed with the contents for making the craft project (I won’t ruin the surprise if you are thinking of ordering one). This activity definitely appeals to a fun competitive spirit, I think I was more excited than the three year old. He doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic about sitting down to do the projects, and the activity books from both boxes haven’t really had a glance. We have received our third box which I have kept back for another day. It is unusual to engage him in painting/colouring etc at home so I am not really surprised by his lack of interest. For now I have cancelled the subscription and will try again in a few months when I think he might engage better.

If you have a littlie that likes to sit and do activities like this then I definitely recommend the Toucan box. It has a big thumbs up from me in terms of the contents and also the thought that has been put in to the complete set of activities included for each theme.

I’ve bagged a voucher code so you can get your FIRST BOX FREE. So if you’re not sure if your little Rascal would be interested then why not try one and see. Use code abbey-avwc to get your FREE Toucan box . If you decide not to continue with the subscription please remember to cancel it as soon as you receive your first box. Please note that when I cancelled our subscription I was advised that payment would be taken for the next box as it had already been processed.

Happy Crafting!

More Pirate fun coming soon M’hearties……

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