How to win a monster race by Caryl Hart

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We’ve had this book for a while now and always enjoyed it, but I just don’t know what’s happened this past week, Chief Rascal has gone mental for it. We’ve had it on auto-repeat; seriously between me and hubby we must have read this book at least 15 times, at bed time, at nap time, throughout the day.

How to win a monster race is part of a series of books by Caryl Hart, following the character Albie on his adventures. So far we’ve enjoyed How to catch a dragon, Alien School, Pirate Pool and How to grow a dinosaur. Monsters, dinosaurs, aliens and dragons, that just about covers the interests of a 3 year olds, we just need one that features a train and we’re there.

At the beginning of this adventure Albie is playing in his room with a car track when his mum calls him. They’re off to the car wash. Albie ends up in the car on his own through the car wash and finds himself in the midst of a monster car race. He teams up with some friendly monsters to stop the cheating Maximilian winning the race. A nice story of friendship and teamwork.

At the end of the book we love to go back to the first page and look at the picture of the car track Albie has set up in his room and see what has come alive in Albie’s imagination in the story.

The very last picture of the book is a hint of what else there is to come in the series. Can’t wait for Father Christmas to bring us How to save a Superhero!!!

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