Packing for holiday like a boss

Getting ready to go on holiday when you’ve got little rascals is stressful! The clothes packing is one thing, then you add the other stuff when you’ve got little people: the swim nappies, the baby monitor, black out blind, you know stuff you have to take. But what tips me over the edge is all the bits that we could probably live without that we end up stuffing into the ‘bags for life’ at the last minute, i.e. the kiddies microwave vegetable steamer, we must have steamed veg in 3.5 minutes!! The kiddies cutlery and plates, the thingy you measure the bath temperature with. What is that about?

Usually the day we go on holiday I’ll spend at least a good couple of hours charging around the house being cross and shouting at anyone that gets in my way or heaven forbid asks me where something is. How is it that men have no clue where anything is kept in their own home or where they have put their own stuff? And why do they leave it to the morning of holiday to mention that they really wanted to take that specific shirt, but it’s not washed. And why do they decide that at this very moment they are going to finish some chore or other you’ve been asking them to do for months!! It’s never a good way to start the hols and I wasn’t sure how we’d manage now we have to entertain an energetic almost 3 year old that wants one of us to play all the time, with a 7 week old that does not ever want to be put down. I mentioned this to Jase a few weeks before the holiday, to see if we could make a plan to make it less stressful. His answer was to send me on my own a week before. Now there’s an idea!!

Then for reasons unknown even to us we decided to downsize the car at the beginning of the year, a strange decision considering we knew we were having another baby. Nevertheless we now have a car with a smaller boot where the buggy only just fits at an angle! Useful!! With the baby now taking up valuable packing space that was previously used by the three of us, we were concerned if we’d all fit or if we’d have to leave the Newbie with Nanny for the week.

Somehow in the end we managed it. I think it may be the least stressful going away morning we’ve had since the arrival of chief rascal. I’m going to put it down to leaving the vegetable steamer behind. And do you know what, we’ve survived without it! And we fit all our bags in the car. Hope the baby’s having a nice week with Nanny! ha ha

Packing tips:

  1. Ditch the steamer, you’re on holiday no-one eats veg on holiday anyway.
  2. Do an online food shop and have it delivered to the holiday house when you get there, including nappies so you only need to pack the first days’ worth. We’ve done this for Butlins and caravan parks, add a note for the driver to call you and meet them by the entrance. Amazon Prime Now has free same day 2 hour delivery slots with minimum spend of £20 – don’t forget to add the gin to your order = WIN!!
  3. To save on packing space take waterproof toys that don’t take batteries. They can then be played with in the holiday home, on the beach and in the bath.
  4. Still short on space? Take a tablet (i.e. Ipad or Kindle), it takes up such little space, make sure it’s stocked up with tons of downloaded programmes/films, games and even story books. It keeps the little darlings entertained for long journeys and is great for rainy days. The Amazon Prime Now membership includes access to movies, TV programmes and kindle books, great for the tablet. There’s a 30 day free trial, just remember to cancel it if you don’t want to continue with the subscription.
  5. Definitely get kiddy headphones, there is only so much snorting from one little pig that you can take in the car!!
  6. Use soft holdalls instead of rigid suitcases, that way you can squish them into any available space, like the footwells or between car seats.
  7. Practice yoga for a week before you go away so that you can squeeze yourself between the car seats in the back and then you can pile stuff up in the front seat. This has the added bonus  of you being able to let the baby suck your finger to stop the screaming while Chief Rascal holds your hair – oh yes this is a real thing!
  8. A great travel potty is the Potette potty. It takes up less room than a normal potty as it folds down and it comes with its own little travel bag. It can be used roadside for emergency wee’s as well as being used on top of toilet seats as a training seat. We love aiming for the little froggy that comes on the disposable wee bags. The legs can be a bit fiddly so make sure you click them in properly, but other than it’s really handy to have.
  9. If you’re like me and still have washing drying on the day you are going, then aim to have all the other stuff packed the night before, then all you’ve got to do is chuck the last of the clothes in a bag and into the car. If only I could pull it together enough to be that organised.
  10. The ultimate tip to maximise on space and minimise stress of course is – Leave the kids with Nanny!

If you have any useful packing tips to make life easier with travelling tots please let me know, i can use all the help I can get!!


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