Once upon a Valentines Day….

Once upon a time there was a handsome Prince 🤴 and his beautiful Princess 👸. They were yet to have a mortgage, children or social media on their phones so they engaged in light CONVERSATION often and mostly had lots of FUN. They went OUT out!! They ate together, talked about their DREAMS. Did STUPID stuff and made each other LAUGH (lots). They both found immense enjoyment from HIDING in very random places and jumping out on each other in the DARK, scaring the living daylights out of each other, inducing HYSTERICS on both sides.

They dreamt of tiny LITTLE Princes 🤴 and/or Princesses 👸 to RUN around their kingdom. One day ALL their DREAMS came true, TWO little Princes 🤴🤴. It was truly MIRACULOUS!

The little Princes 🤴🤴changed the kingdom beyond all recognition; there was MESS (lots), NOISE (more than lots), chaos and tantrums. But most importantly there was lots of LOVE 💖. The kingdom was filled with SO MUCH LOVE 💖 it made the world a MAGICAL place.

It was easy sometimes for the beautiful Princess 👸 to only notice the CHAOS, she sometimes overlooked the LOVE 💖 which was like GLITTER sprinkled ✨ all around the kingdom. Everyone knows that a TRUE Princess 👸 can never have enough GLITTER✨ . But sometimes the handsome Prince 🤴 had to remind the beautiful Princess 👸 to stop and BREATHE and notice all the HAPPINESS that now filled the kingdom. The LOVE 💕 and HAPPINESS that now made the kingdom SPARKLE ✨ much more than a weekly dousing of Mr Sheen and Dettol ever could.

‘THANK YOU’ said the beautiful Princess 👸 to the handsome Prince 🤴 ; Thank you for reminding me to notice the GLITTER ✨ , and to enjoy the GLITTER ✨ , rather than trying to attack it with the handheld vac! Thank you for sharing the kingdom with me and being the very BEST handsome Prince 🤴 a Princess 👸 could ever wish for. Thank you for leading the TWO little Princes 🤴🤴in the creation of complete CHAOS and disorder, because they can only become TRUE handsome Princes🤴 themselves by learning from one.

It’s EXHAUSTING thought the beautiful Princess 👸 but she wouldn’t have it any other way! 💕


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