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Soooo if you’ve come to this page I’m thinking that you probably want to know a little bit about me before you look around the site. HI! I’m Abbey, for 33 years I was just Abbey! And was mostly stored in people’s phones as Abbey! Now, I’m mainly Mum, to two gorgeous little rascals. The Chief Rascal is 3 and loves nothing more than to run, climb and bash stuff. And the Newbie is super cute and smiley. Although he doesn’t know it yet, he loves nothing more than being squished by the Chief Rascal. So now I am totally surrounded and outnumbered by boys and no-one can hear anything I say over the noise! So here I am writing this in the hope that someone somewhere is listening to me!


What have I got to say? I want to talk about days out, how to save money, parenting, anything that pops into my mind really.

I’ve always preferred being out to staying in and I’m always planning for some adventure or other. This is probably down to my mum pulling me out on to the moors or to the beach in all weathers as a kid. I moved to Hertfordshire in my early 20’s and loved that there was just so much going on. On the doorstep to London and only a few hours train ride to some other great cities, there is always something fun to do. My weekends would be pretty busy with days out and nights partying. My love for travelling started at 23 when I went backpacking with Jase my then boyfriend, now husband. We spent 7 months travelling across India, Asia, Australasia and the US. We then lived in Barcelona for a couple of years before we decided to grow up and get ‘proper’ jobs. When I’d go back to work after the Christmas break I’d have all my trips for the year ahead planned and booked off in the first week of the New Year. Remember the days of city breaks and beach/pool side holidays with a cocktail in hand? Reality is slightly different nowadays.


With the arrival of these glorious little rascals, time, money and energy levels have taken a hit, so trips away are less. Going on holiday is slightly more challenging now, when even just leaving the house just for a day out involves military precision and lots of deep breaths. But I want the boys to have my enthusiasm for exploring the big wide world. Whilst on maternity leave I’m going to try to squish in as many adventures as possible; probably on a smaller scale than before, that will unfortunately involve less rum and no lays ins but you can’t have it all aye!


I’ll share the fun things we find to do, places we find to go, and anything useful I find out about raising rascals. Follow us on our big adventures; once we manage to leave the house with both shoes on the right feet and only slightly covered in baby puke we’re going to have a riot!!


Love, Abbey xx

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